The Golden Girls XXX
The Golden Girls XXX
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Forget team Jacob or team Edward!  Ask yourself this—team cock? Or team twat?  Looking for a good MILF porn parody?  How about the hottest MILF sex you have ever seen?  It is right here—The Golden Girls: A XXX MILF Parody. The Golden Girls: Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia get together and expect laughs, and hot MILF ass all at the same time!  This special parody adds Dorothy’s lesbian friend Jean into the mix, and you get one hell of a beef curtain fest!  Hope the carpet matches the drapes!  The Golden Girls try to convince Jean that there is nothing better than a cock!  The girls try to persuade Jean to come to team cock instead of team twat…will they convince her?  Jean might have a big long tube steak cum her way!  These MILFS like a little white gravy on the side—hearty meals for these cock lovin’ broads!  What will she do?

The golden girls are more like golden cougars, and they snatch up every piece of young tender man meat they can find!  Golden Girls: A XXX MILF Parody—watch it today!  Your favorite MILFS are at your fingertips!

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